About Authentic Ilm Mission

The claim of Authentic Ilm Mission (AIM) is not issued as a posture or pomposity but as an affirmation that our intention and method follow the model of the first praiseworthy generations. This method includes fundamentals of the student of knowledge, such as following evidence rather than people, accepting revealed truth and traditions of reliable scholarship rather than opinions, and avoiding reprehensible innovations.

The above is the method of the Salaf which consequently puts an individual on the middle path of servitude as a Muslim. The middle path is a concrete result, not a theoretical paradigm. One is upon the middle path of authentic knowledge when they have become a custodian and practitioner of knowledge with sincerity and compliance to the Quran and Sunnah as the Salaf understood them.

The Authentic Ilm Mission (AIM) is not a new trend, but a description of the method as mentioned above, consequently, the method that the first three praiseworthy generations were upon. There are numerous books detailing the creedal aspects entailed in this method, including Aqeedat ut-Tahawiyah, Sharh us-Sunnah, Usool us-Sunnah by Imam Ahmad, and numerous books sharing the title As-Sunnah by his students. What is consistent among these books and in the methodology of the people of Sunnah is the guiding principles AIM is calling to, several of which need to be emphasized considering the disorderly and challenging social media discourses in the West:

  • Avoiding debate and discourse with the people of innovation while continuing to refute even through our silence.
  • Tolerance and patience with mistakes of the students of knowledge, and intolerance of innovations and corruptions in disseminating knowledge.
  • Acknowledging and implementing the formula "Islam is the Sunnah, and the Sunnah is Islam."
  • An avoidance of opinion except where ijtihad is required and implemented by those qualified.
  • Limiting refutation to exposing and correcting the most egregious errors in creed while tolerating evidence-based differences of opinion in fiqh.
  • Recognizing the method of philosophy, rhetoric, and the abuse of logic is alien to the Sunnah.
  • Acknowledging and complying with the singular Aqeedah which the Sahaba (Companions) were upon.
  • Eliminating the fallacy of relative or interpretive approaches to Aqeedah based on personal epistemology.
  • Identifying and exposing all forms of extremism.
  • Recognizing that much of knowledge is in the phrase 'I don't know,' such that the scholar of fiqh will not engage in postulations of Aqeedah.

The above statement intends to clarify AIM's guiding principles in refuting ideas and beliefs based on strange opinions and beliefs outside the norms of agreed-upon principles and beliefs within our tradition. Furthermore, controversies involving scholars upon innovated or corrupt Aqeedah. AIM will not hesitate to take public or private refutation positions against incipient corruption in the nascent Western community of Muslims. Likewise, AIM continues to passionately promote the correct foundations of knowledge, fiqh, and Aqeedah. To this goal, AIM has established continuing weekend-long conferences in rotating locations around North America.