Matrimonial Services

AIM Matrimonial platform assists in sharing information between Walis and men looking to get married.


Step 1: Submit Request

Submit your request so we can have a point of contact for you or your Wali. Sisters will enter their wali's information on the form below.


Step 2: Match Making

Our team will connect with you, InshaAllah, to learn more about the person who wants to get married and connect the brothers with Walis.


Step 3: Introduction

We will introduce the brother to the Wali and then the discussions will continue and if Allah wills, the couple will get married.

Harmony Services


Marital Counseling

Need to talk to an imam to discuss your marital issues?


Community Conflict Resolution

Is your community going through some turmoil and need to consult with us?


 General Conflict Resolution

Are you facing some issue with your business partner or another type of conflict?